Friday, April 26, 2013

Habenero's, Sphinx's and dancing corkscrews

Dinner in the Vogt house is always an adventure. Last night we had pizza and a salad. Adrianna was still hungry after she had finished eating hers so she decided to sneak a bite of Dave's pizza.. little did she know it was slathered with habenero sauce. She immediately spit it out and while her tongue was getting numb she started running around the house crying that it feelths like I hath asses (ashes) on my tongue!!! Charlotte turns around and says I can handle the heat, and takes a bite of her daddy's pizza.. and managed to not only chew it and swallow. She calmly took a sip of water afterwards and said.. man, that's hot! Adrianna got pwnd by her spice loving little sister! 
I do believe, that this may be Charlies actual mom.
         Shortly after that, Dave was grabbing all the dishes from the table while the kids were actually still sitting calmly at the table. Adrianna was talking non stop as 10 year old girls usually do. She is currently talking about animals, and decides to let us know what her favorite cat was..She had said the Sphinx, but before she had a chance to explain why.. Dave suddenly starts laughing loudly while smacking his ass wildly. After a few minutes of super confused laughter erupting threw the house.. Adrianna starts right back up again. My favorite cat is the Sphinx because...And Dave interrupts her again, loudly proclaiming SPHINX!! OOOOH!! I thought you said spanks!!! Bwahahahaha!  I'm seriously laughing while typing out that story..
 For desert that night I decided to test out our new home made popsicles 
They consisted of raw coconut milk, frozen strawberries, blueberries, mango and fresh picked peppermint from our garden. They were absolutely delicious.I told the kids they needed to eat them with a quickness, since it was getting pretty late and they needed to get ready for bed. Charlie turns to me and says, "You have to make the pigs fly.." 
Yummy, yummy treats!

I started laughing and asked her what that was supposed to mean and her response was "I'm not really sure, ummm.. I think it means that I won't."

possessed Tristan disapproves of you.

SO.. I was going to show you a video of my 5 year old evading the cops in the new need for speed game on the Wii U, but since it decided that I wasn't going to be able to upload it.. I give you this totally random bit of awesomeness!


 So.. I leave you tonight with this mental image, four kids.. ranging from ages 10-4 and two grown adults..all sitting around a kitchen table eating dinner. With shower caps on their heads with hair full of coconut oil! This is how we spent last night. Very entertaining.
 Oh, hey also, check out this weekend! We are going to be streaming a bunch of awesome games that didn't sell so well this last gaming gen. It's gonna be great. :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Calm and peaceful morning...

I woke up this morning, ready to begin my day.. when I suddenly realized that I heard absolute chaos coming from the living room.. I jump out of my bed to see what was going on and find three little kids.. all sitting around watching t.v. laughing and having a grand ol time.. OK. No big deal, until I realize that one of these kids had taken our step ladder and climbed up to the top of the cabinets and had cut them all a large slice of left over birthday cake... And although they were smart enough to put the cake away.. they left the plate and fork sitting in the middle of the floor. And that's when i noticed it.. the hum of a sugar high. You know what I'm talking about. The pupils dilate in the eyes, to the point where you can barely tell what color eyes they have.. and then the twitching starts. Bouncing off the walls, sugar has to affect the ears as well, because these children who were once capable of listening suddenly have no idea you are even speaking as they frantically run thru the house jumping off furniture, diving under couches, and bouncing off each other like they are made of rubber. Our cat, Sakura, quickly darts into the bedroom where my husband is trying to sleep, while I am suddenly faced with the epidemic of sugar elated children at 6 o'clock in the morning.
And yes, when my children get too much sugar they turn into zombies.
All of them.. but they indeed get better after a short while.

          Either way, after all was said and done the girls made it to school without being killed, and the boys were dressed and we were on our way to go on a major shopping spree. Well not really major, just got a cart full of things.It worked out in the end, because by the time I got the boys to the store the high was over.

So. Yesterday. It was April 23rd. and I am a nerd. Need proof? Don't worry your sweet little self over it, I'll gladly show you the proof you desire!
I received this picture via text after Dave showed Dri that I had been marking my Silence spotting's.
 There you go. Proof of my goofy antics. April 23rd is the day that the Impossible Astronaut aired, which is of course a Doctor Who episode. So I walked into work, grabbed the sharpie and began drawing marks on my arms. To my surprise, even though it was very busy at work, very few people took notice of it, even fewer people commented on it and most just assumed I had gotten another tattoo. HAHA! At least when my hubby showed it to Adrianna she enjoyed it, and actually played along! Needless to say, that made my night!

Adrianna came home from school today and Dave told me I should look at some of the things she had written. She pulled out a poem and had me read it. Her assignment was to compare the sea to an open prairie.  This is what she wrote.

Blue as sky,
Waves sing a lullaby.
Miles of green,
Grass is all that is seen.
Sand on the shore, 
Beyond is water, nothing more.
Prairie grass all around, 
Gusts of wind, go tumbling down.
Prairie and sea, go and explore, go and explore.
You'll like what you see, and you will want more.

And that's all she wrote..

squee!! this shall be my desktop!

silly ginger kitty, You have no soul.


Friday, April 19, 2013

whew.. this is gonna be spammy!! :D

So, I haven't blogged in a long time. And since that's just not any good, I decided to spam you all with a bunch of pictures that have taken place over the past year.. In no particular order of course. Because order is for the weak.
I got struck by the zombie plague during Christmas.. I got better.

We all laughed while my girls made a friend of ours so pretty. (p.s. Don't kill me Tyler.)

Logan very loves his friend Tyler.


Baby Thor turned 4!!

Logan got smothered in girl kisses.. and loved EVERY second of it!!

Dave pretended to be the pied piper during a game of sharades.

We began planting for the spring. This is our herb garden.

I was very excited to discover that Adrianna had been awarded this, unfortunely it wasn't found out until a day before the award ceremony, Adrianna is as unorganized as a 10 year old can be, and stuffed the paperwork inside our bookshelf only to be discovered when I cleaned paperwork up.
Adrianna got awarded for being in the top 10% of the entire United States with her MAP scores

Tristan was so Excited about his birthday, he picked out everything that he wanted to eat.. including a fruit rainbow. The surprise part of the rainbow was when we placed the marshmallow clouds and Rolo pot of gold at the ends of it. The kids honestly devoured almost the entire rainbow itself.
We discovered that the pot of gold at the end of the fruit rainbow was nommy Rolo's!

This has honestly been my favorite part of the year so far, We have been working on a garden for faeries, and in doing so.. have made a beautiful smelling yard,that has become a regular meeting place of bee's and hopefully butterflies once the weather warms up a bit more.
Built a Faery garden with my kids, created tiny chairs and a table for the Faeries to sit and eat at!

We woke up one morning and this was the first thing I saw lol it made me giggle..and if I do recall, the events of the day did unfold quite epic.
Had an extremely epic evening.. and woke up to realize that Thor left a few things behind in the morning. :)

Crab sandwiches don't make for crabby kids! They loved these things! It was so simple to make, but man was it a fun dinner.
Had bologna crab sammiches!

I hid in a closet and took pictures of my face paintings at work

This was a beautiful day! It was nice and warm, the 7 random inches of snow we had gotten the day before had all but totally melted away. I spent more than a few moments watching the melted snow drop off of this structure 
Watched winter turn into spring

We celebrated our love for Doctor Who with an official dinner of fish fingers and custard.

Enjoyed each others company!

Ate slices of lemon, because these faces are awesome!

Meditated, and became fully centered. Love abounds in our house.

hid on my breaks at work in the van.. moments of solitude are nice.

Watched peeps porn.. it wasn't as exciting as it sounds..

Watched Logan reenact my favorite movie

I discovered that cheap copper bracelets turn my skin green within minutes

Logan got more kisses from his mommy

Got my face painted again, difference is.. I turned it into a scary mime!

When Adrianna did a Netflix search for herself, I pointed out that There are no matches when it comes to her and ruling.

Laughed a lot when I discovered that Fabio went from romance novels, to not believing its not butter, to creating protein powder.

Searched for my favorite goat to no avail.

Discovered I needed to go shopping

Enjoyed ourselves in the snow. We love her..

Before I became a scary mime.. The softer side of Terri

Texted my husband telling him that the hamster sporks at midnight, and then discovered that the internet truly does have everything

Watched Adrianna turn into a beautiful young woman

built a snowman that had some physical problems

You wish you could be this awesome.

Logan actually sat peacefully for a second

Took romantic walks in the snow with the love of my life.

Discovered that my son looks strikingly like Tim Burton

As well as Frodo from the Hobbit.

I found the cutest little Chun li ever!

I ask myself this question almost every day, but alas.. I can't do what Thor would do..

Drawing on the game pad is fun

images of love are romantic..

Drew this too! I love Ken from Street fighter

Totally did this by the way..

This boy! After rushing him to the emergency room when his face and our speaker tried to become one, he spent the entire time shmoozing with the nurses, and making every single one of them fall in love with him. Spent 4 hours there waiting for them to determine that they were just going to glue his head together.. I spent no more than 5 minutes in the van driving him home, and it's only 10 mins away mind you.. to hear this little voice asking me, hey mommy.. whats this on my head. I turn back to look at him, and watch this kid literally rip the glue off of his wound.. making the last 4 hours spent in the hospital for naught!
Had to take a trip to the ER when Tristan decided that his face and our speaker cabinet needed to become one

I made some gift baskets at work.. YAY presents!

I found out who was supposed to play the parts in Top gun. This would have been a much more epic adventure

Discovering that tigers like to throw fucks around in water droplets made my day

Wiped many a snotty noses during the cold season this year.. and apparently so did her sleeve

And learned how to speak dinosaur!