Friday, April 26, 2013

Habenero's, Sphinx's and dancing corkscrews

Dinner in the Vogt house is always an adventure. Last night we had pizza and a salad. Adrianna was still hungry after she had finished eating hers so she decided to sneak a bite of Dave's pizza.. little did she know it was slathered with habenero sauce. She immediately spit it out and while her tongue was getting numb she started running around the house crying that it feelths like I hath asses (ashes) on my tongue!!! Charlotte turns around and says I can handle the heat, and takes a bite of her daddy's pizza.. and managed to not only chew it and swallow. She calmly took a sip of water afterwards and said.. man, that's hot! Adrianna got pwnd by her spice loving little sister! 
I do believe, that this may be Charlies actual mom.
         Shortly after that, Dave was grabbing all the dishes from the table while the kids were actually still sitting calmly at the table. Adrianna was talking non stop as 10 year old girls usually do. She is currently talking about animals, and decides to let us know what her favorite cat was..She had said the Sphinx, but before she had a chance to explain why.. Dave suddenly starts laughing loudly while smacking his ass wildly. After a few minutes of super confused laughter erupting threw the house.. Adrianna starts right back up again. My favorite cat is the Sphinx because...And Dave interrupts her again, loudly proclaiming SPHINX!! OOOOH!! I thought you said spanks!!! Bwahahahaha!  I'm seriously laughing while typing out that story..
 For desert that night I decided to test out our new home made popsicles 
They consisted of raw coconut milk, frozen strawberries, blueberries, mango and fresh picked peppermint from our garden. They were absolutely delicious.I told the kids they needed to eat them with a quickness, since it was getting pretty late and they needed to get ready for bed. Charlie turns to me and says, "You have to make the pigs fly.." 
Yummy, yummy treats!

I started laughing and asked her what that was supposed to mean and her response was "I'm not really sure, ummm.. I think it means that I won't."

possessed Tristan disapproves of you.

SO.. I was going to show you a video of my 5 year old evading the cops in the new need for speed game on the Wii U, but since it decided that I wasn't going to be able to upload it.. I give you this totally random bit of awesomeness!


 So.. I leave you tonight with this mental image, four kids.. ranging from ages 10-4 and two grown adults..all sitting around a kitchen table eating dinner. With shower caps on their heads with hair full of coconut oil! This is how we spent last night. Very entertaining.
 Oh, hey also, check out this weekend! We are going to be streaming a bunch of awesome games that didn't sell so well this last gaming gen. It's gonna be great. :)